senior chair dance music

Pickin' A Chicken

I’ve chosen a song this week that was a 1956 hit in South Africa, the country my husband was born and raised in.  It was sung by a woman who was originally from Hungary, moved to Britain and then moved with her family to South Africa as part of the Boswell Circus when World War Two was looming.

In 1949 she returned to Britain to work with well known bandleader Geraldo   at his request. In 1952 after her departure from Geraldo’s big band, she launched her solo career and made her mark with a tune called..

Just In Time

This week’s choice is a song performed by the one and only Mr. Tony Bennett. “Just in Time”, a hit for Bennett in 1960 was written by Jule Styne (music) with Betty Comden and Adolph Green (lyrics.) It was originally performed by Judy Holliday and Sydney Chaplin in the stage musical Bells are Ringing and then featured in the movie of the same name in 1960 when it was sung by Judy Holliday this time with Dean Martin. Among other versions, there is a great one out there of Dean Martin singing it solo as well; think I just heard it recently on a television ad.

Like many artists/performers of the day, Tony Bennett, who was born Anthony Dominick Benedetto in Astoria, Queens, New York changed and simplified his name as many of the day often did. If what I’ve read is true.....