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Cruising Down the River

Cruising Down the River

Cruising Down the River, was written in 1945 by two women, Emily Beadell and Nell Tollerton. They entered their composition into a public songwriting contest in the UK and…


In honour of the purchase I made at the duty free shop on my way back from Mexico, I have chosen “Tequila” as my song of the week. My Mom and Dad enjoy the odd drink of this cactus based elixir most often made from the Blue Agave plant so naturally I picked up a bottle for them. The distilled beverage is named for the area surrounding the city of Tequila where many of these indigenous plants grow. 

The song “Tequila” is a happy, upbeat instrumental with a Cuban mambo beat and only one lyric. The word........


I’m writing this week's “Song of The Week” blurb from my parent’s home in Ottawa on Remembrance Day. A lot to think about with the passing yesterday of perhaps our country’s most renowned poet singer songwriter Leonard Cohen and remembering those brave souls who gave their lives for our freedom. Leonard Cohen’s uninhibited freedom of expression was the gift he shared with the world so in his honour I think it would only be right to choose his most famous song “Hallelujah”. There are a multitude of musical and written interpretations of this brilliant composition and that’s what makes it such a beautiful piece of work. When something can connect so many people yet mean something different to each and every individual it holds a special power.