Your Cheatin' Heart

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” , written in 1952 by the one and only Hank Williams can easily be added to your older adult playlist as it is considered to be a well known popular standard in the country music genre. Apparently, Hank Williams wrote this classic about his former wife Audrey while driving with his new fianceé from Nashville, Tennessee to Shreveport, Louisiana. The song was released in 1953. Sadly, Hank Williams died of a heart attack the same year it was released. This sad news propelled the song up the charts.

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” has been performed by many well known artists including Ray Charles and Joni James. Currently I’ve been using a version by Willie Nelson and The Boys.

Choreography Tip: Country music and Hawaiian music bear much similarity. I take advantage of the pedal steel solo to do some simple Hawaiian arm movements and at points during the song I have my participants pretend they are on horseback lifting their heels as they move their arms pretending they are holding the reigns. Both of those moves will deliver some smiles.