In honour of the purchase I made at the duty free shop on my way back from Mexico, I have chosen “Tequila” as my song of the week. My Mom and Dad enjoy the odd drink of this cactus based elixir most often made from the Blue Agave plant so naturally I picked up a bottle for them. The distilled beverage is named for the area surrounding the city of Tequila where many of these indigenous plants grow. 

The song “Tequila” is a happy, upbeat instrumental with a Cuban mambo beat and only one lyric. The word “Tequila”. There are two wonderful deliberate pauses in the song where you hear the word and generally listeners who are familiar with the tune call it out with gusto. The song ends with a buildup to the final shout out “Tequila”! 



The original version of this song was recorded by a band called “The Champs” in 1958. It was a number one hit and has taken it’s place in the musical history books. This song has been heard in countless films, television programs and has been covered by a multitude of performers. My older adult participants always light up the moment they hear this song start to play whether they know it or not. 

Always good to spice up your classes with a little international flavour!