C'est Magnifique

This song written by the brilliant composer Cole Porter was first performed by Lilo and Peter Cookson in the 1953 Broadway musical "CanCan". As I have come to learn more and more, there is a an incredible treasure trove of music familiar to our older adult participants whose origins are in Broadway theatre and film musicals.

In 1953, Gordon McCrae recorded C'est Magnifique. His was the sole version to reach the music charts. Though it only climbed to #29, the song has become what's known as a "standard" - a musical composition of established popularity, considered part of the standard repertoire of one or several genres. C'est Magnifique has been performed and recorded by many over the years including Ella Fitzgerald, Kay Starr and Eartha Kitt. The lyrics are simple and the short song cycle repeats two or three times. With only a few lines of lyrics, many of my participants know all the words so they love singing along to this one. Always a good thing when you're trying to get your people motivated.