Introducing the Song of the Week

One of my greatest joys is researching songs for the older adult exercise program I teach in Toronto, Canada called Swingin’ Fitness and the seniors entertainment duo I perform in called Fit as a Fiddle. I thought a blog would give me the opportunity to share some of our participant and audience favourites and over time I will suggest some musical gems that have taken a little more effort to uncover. The demographic we cater to is 55 plus with a polite emphasis on the plus. Typically music of the forties, fifties and the very early sixties are the best choices. Songs from this time  period reflect the soundscape of their lives ultimately creating a powerful emotional connection 

You can check out this wonderful song  here .

You can check out this wonderful song here.

That being said, my very first song of the week choice is a world wide classic. Doris Day’s renowned version of , “Whatever Will Be Will Be” (Que Sera, Sera) which was interestingly first introduced in the Alfred Hitchcock film, “The Man Who Knew Too Much, always receives a positive reaction from my participants. Instant recognition, smiles and spontaneous sing-a-longs begin when I play  this timeless tune in my Swingin’ Fitness programs. The medium tempo lends itself perfectly to choreography movements that can easily be followed. The recognizable chorus is a trigger for instantaneous joy. After years of incorporating this song I can guarantee that his powerful nostalgic hit from the fifties is a must add to your exercise class repertoire.