Dance inspired chair fitness for older adults

With music at the heart and soul of every class, participants delight as they move along to easy to follow choreography — bringing exercise to life.

Classes for Older Adults

After over twenty years in the fitness industry I realized that for me, music was at the heart and soul of all my classes. It was the inspiration for my choreography and the energy I put forth as an instructor. I created Swingin’ Fitness with older adults in mind because I knew that not only is exercise important but keeping the spirit alive is really the key. In my classes, participants engage in easy to follow choreography (seated or standing) and often feel inspired to sing along with the musical backdrop of songs they know and love as they move to the beat. I choose music from all genres to enhance the entertainment value and fun factor. Swingin’ Fitness classes are designed to provide a safe, balanced workout that can be easily adapted to the needs of each individual. 

Workshops for Activity Programmers and Fitness Instructors                                   "Where Music is Your Partner in Fitness"

In a Swingin’ Fitness Workshop participants learn how to create an entertaining, safe and balanced program using the power of music as the primary motivational tool. Different musical styles appreciated by the older adult population will be played to demonstrate how these genres can help guide movement choices.

Tips on sourcing music and designing a balanced playlist will be covered. Secrets and techniques on how to develop choreography that flows naturally with the music will be shared in order to demonstrate how to create an uplifting, fun-filled fitness experience for older adult participants.

Each Swingin’ Fitness workshop attendee will leave with an enhanced understanding of song structure, a creative combination of choreography, the accompanying music set list and a buffet of brand new moves they can incorporate into their chair fitness classes. 


 Margot Glatt:  Founder of Swingin' Fitness

 Margot Glatt:  Founder of Swingin' Fitness



APO Conference                                (Activity Programmers of Ontario)

Thank you to all the organizers of the APO's October 2013 conference in Niagara Falls for the opportunity to present a Swingin’ Fitness Workshop. It was truly a thrill to be part of your educational and motivational event. 

"I am so looking forward to incorporating your Swingin' Fitness choreography…I have to say one of my favourite workshops. I had a blast!"                  Franca Elia, Activities Co-ordinator       Villa Italia Retirement Residence, Hamilton, Ontario. 

 "I really enjoyed your Swingin' Fitness presentation. I'm all pumped up and ready to go 1 + 2 + 3+ ...Thanks for sharing all that you did!!"                                    Joanne Atkinson, Recreation Technician Elisabeth Bruyere Residence            Ottawa, ON.

Thank you to all the residents and staff at Four Elms Retirement Residence who helped in the making of my Swingin' Fitness demo video. You were awesome! 



Margot pictured above with Super Featherweight Champion Logan McGuinness at this years CanFitPro Conference Trade Show. 

Margot pictured above with Super Featherweight Champion Logan McGuinness at this years CanFitPro Conference Trade Show.